‘Sullivan’s prose is laced with flowing lines in pentameter; and her remade Grimm and Perrault stories are enriched by Karen Vaughan’s sharp, intricate, Beardsleyesque illustrations.’

The Guardian

‘Enhanced by Karen Vaughan’s superb illustrations, this is an absolute stunner of a book.’

The Irish Times

‘Vaughan’s artwork is captivatingly complex and disturbingly mesmeric, harking back to a previous generation of fairy-tale illustrators while significantly contributing to the synergy between this volume’s words and images…’

Inis magazine

Tangleweed and Brine is a book you want to keep on your shelf and look at often, Karen Vaughan’s beautiful illustrations make the book an object worth owning. The fabulously detailed pieces accompany each story, giving a new dimension to each other. Evoking the style of classic fairy-tale illustrations, Vaughan’s help conjure up their own magic immersing you even deeper into this fairy-tale world.’

Cinders magazine

‘This is illustrator Karen Vaughan’s first book, and she is definitely one to watch. Her intricate pen-and-ink illustrations catch the tone of the tales perfectly, and add an extra layer of richness to the book. Her work shows the influence of Harry Clarke and Aubrey Beardsley, in a way which ties the collection into the long tradition of illustrated fairytale books, yet she has a style of her own. I particularly like how her illustrations, like the tales themselves, make room for other types of bodies in the fairy tales. This book is not filled with dainty perfect princesses, but with women who would be considered too tall, too fat, too small or altogether too much for such tales.’

The Books, the Art and Me


‘I couldn’t believe how quickly and elegantly Karen captured the essence of my stories and was able to translate my fuzzy ideas for what I wanted the cover to look like into a beautiful piece of art work which ensure that both my books now stand out on a bookshelf. She was an absolute delight to work with.’

—Jan Carson, author of Malcolm Orange Disappears and Children’s Children

‘Karen Vaughan designed my covers and illustrated my book Will You Be My Friend? for Liberties Press. I loved her work. She was a pleasure to work with. She has an eye for text and brings the writers’ words to life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.’

—Gabriel Fitzmaurice, author of The Lonesome Road and Will You Be My Friend?

‘There is no doubt in my mind that part of the success of Buried Treasure – Overlooked, Forgotten, & Uncrowned Albums was because of the excellent work that Karen Vaughan did for the book’s cover. It perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the book, and really stood out on the shelf.’

—Dan Hegarty, author of Buried Treasure: Overlooked, Forgotten, & Uncrowned Albums

‘Karen is a brilliant, masterful designer and illustrator. Her talent for translating written material into bold, striking, clear, accessible imagery is simply extraordinary. She has had an intensely creative impact on my own work right where it matters so much – at the very front of the books, both fiction and nonfiction. A professional, thoughtful artist, I look forward to working with her again.’

—Jason Johnson, author of Sinker and Aloysius Tempo