We won again!

Delighted that Tangleweed and Brine won the CBI Book of the Year award! It’s been a crazy but truly lovely day. Here are some pictures of us looking smug and standing on tables…as you do.  

I’m on a list . . .

Some kind person at The Daily Edge decided to include me in the list of 25 Irish artists you should consider for the cover of your autobiography. Not a bad list to be on! 🙂

We won!

We only went and flippin’ won the award for Best YA Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards! I’m beyond delighted with how much people love and have gotten behind this book. Thanks to all of you who voted, you are beauts! 🙂   There I am, flanked by art director extraordinaire Gráinne Clear and… Continue reading We won!

Books Are My Bag Award Nomination!

Oh, you know, it’s just the Guardian talking about how beautiful Tangleweed and Brine is! And look at the amazing company it’s in! *squees forever* Tangleweed and Brine has been nominated for the Most Beautiful Book award in this year’s Books Are My Bag Awards! You can vote for it here!

Meet Ash Pale

I wrote a little something for Luna’s Little Blog talking about the creation of my Ash Pale/Snow White illustration for Deirdre Sullivan’s Tangleweed and Brine.

Oh, it’s fantastic!

Yes, that is Tony Danza getting ready to bisect a giant meatball with a fork, a fork that I happened to draw. That is possibly the weirdest best sentence I’ve had to write in a long time. 🙂  A few months back I contributed a couple of illustrations to a collaboration on Hitrecord called Oh, it’s fantastic! I’m… Continue reading Oh, it’s fantastic!