Oh, it’s fantastic!

Yes, that is Tony Danza getting ready to bisect a giant meatball with a fork, a fork that I happened to draw. That is possibly the weirdest¬†best sentence I’ve had to write in a long time. ūüôā ¬†A few months back¬†I contributed a couple of illustrations to a collaboration on Hitrecord¬†called Oh, it’s fantastic! I’m… Continue reading Oh, it’s fantastic!


I was ¬†interviewed by Daniel Seery, the author of A Modern Partner, which is a book I recently designed the cover for. You can find the interview here.¬†Really thrilled I got the chance to work on it!        

Baba Yaga – Work In Progress

Currently hard at work on some commissions which I’ll be putting up later. So for now, my illustration inspired by the Russian fairy tale Vasilisa the Beautiful will have be put on the back burner for a short while. Drawing witches that travel via mortar and pestle is so much fun, can’t wait to get… Continue reading Baba Yaga – Work In Progress

52 Moments Collection

One of my illustrations was chosen to be part of the¬†Celebrate Your Moment – Moment Watches¬†project. I gave my permission for the illustration to be altered to fit in with the design of the watch face. The original illustration can be found here.